Problem with myvmtkmeshDlabeling

I’m working with macOS operating system on mac with M1 processor.
I’m having problems in order to obtain a meshDxx.vtu (starting from 2 files meshR.vtu and Dxx.mhd) which associates the values of the tensor built in Dxx.mhd to the meshR.
Following a guide given to me, I ran the following command:
vmtk myvmtkmeshDlabeling -ifile meshR.vtu -diffusionmapfile Dxx.mhd -diffusionarray "Dxx_labels" -ofile meshDxx.vtu

I get the following output:

Executing myvmtkmeshDlabeling -ifile meshR.vtu -diffusionmapfile Dxx.mhd -diffusionarray Dxx_labels -ofile meshDxx.vtu

Automatic piping myvmtkmeshDlabeling
Parsing options myvmtkmeshDlabeling
    MeshInInputFileName = meshR.vtu
    DiffusionMapInputFileName = Dxx.mhd
    DiffusionArrayName = Dxx_labels
    MeshOutOutputFileName = meshDxx.vtu
Explicit piping myvmtkmeshDlabeling
Input myvmtkmeshDlabeling members:
    Id = 0
    Disabled = 0
    MeshIn = None
    MeshInInputFileName = meshR.vtu
    DiffusionMap = None
    DiffusionMapInputFileName = Dxx.mhd
    DiffusionArrayName = Dxx_labels
    Correction = 0
    Radius = 9
    OnlyNegatives = 0
    MeshOutOutputFileName = meshDxx.vtu
Reading VTK XML mesh file.
Spacing 0.449219 0.449219 0.900000
Origin -105.647736 -123.984390 -68.281136
Dimensions 448 512 176
Executing myvmtkmeshDlabeling ...
Creating points location array
Assigning diffusion values to tethraedrical mesh

It seems to be processing but I believe there is some problem as it doesn’t seem to have an end and I cannot obtain this file. How can I solve this problem?