Problem with the code snippet in “Get information from segmentation nrrd file header” of ScriptRepository

Hello Dear Developers and Users

I save RT structure in nrrd format (seg.nrrd suffix). Then I run the code in ScriptRepository. I noticed that Layer and LabelValue keys do not exist in header dictionary.

In my case, also the shape of voxels array (the output of read_segmentation_info) is (14, 375, 252, 101) and uint8 type, but the shape of output_voxels array (the output of extract_segments) is (375, 252, 101) and float64 type.

Then I change this code as following:

import nrrd
input_filename = "/home/sn/Ms.Arjmandi/commands/RTSTRUCTStudy1.seg.nrrd"
output_filename = "/home/sn/Ms.Arjmandi/commands/RTSTRUCTStudy1New.seg.nrrd"
segment_list = [("skin",0),("Bladder",1),("Femour_L",2),("Femour_R",3),("Rectum",4),("CTV 1",5),("CTV 2",6),("CTV LN",7),("Penile bulb",8),("PTV 60",9),("PTV 46",10),("PTV 72",11),("Bowel bag",12),("PTV TOTAL",13)]
voxels, header =

def read_segmentation_info(input_filename):
    header = nrrd.read_header(input_filename)
    segmentation_info = {}
    segments = []
    segment_index = 0
    while True:
        prefix = "Segment{0}_".format(segment_index)
        if not prefix + "ID" in header.keys():
        segment = {}
        segment["index"] = segment_index
        segment["color"] = [float(i) for i in header[prefix + "Color"].split(" ")]  # Segment0_Color:=0.501961 0.682353 0.501961
        segment["colorAutoGenerated"] = int(header[prefix + "ColorAutoGenerated"]) != 0  # Segment0_ColorAutoGenerated:=1
        segment["extent"] = [int(i) for i in header[prefix + "Extent"].split(" ")]  # Segment0_Extent:=68 203 53 211 24 118
        segment["id"] = header[prefix + "ID"]  # Segment0_ID:=Segment_1
        segment["name"] = header[prefix + "Name"]  # Segment0_Name:=Segment_1
        segment["nameAutoGenerated"] = int(header[prefix + "NameAutoGenerated"]) != 0  # Segment0_NameAutoGenerated:=1
        #segment["labelValue"] = int(header[prefix + "LabelValue"])  # Segment0_LabelValue:=1
        segment["labelValue"] = segment_index
        #segment["layer"] = int(header[prefix + "Layer"])  # Segment0_Layer:=0
        segment["layer"] = segment_index
        tags = {}
        tags_str = header[prefix + "Tags"].split("|")
        for tag_str in tags_str:
            tag_str = tag_str.strip()
            if not tag_str:
            key, value = tag_str.split(":", maxsplit=1)
            tags[key] = value
        segment["tags"] = tags
        segment_index += 1
    segmentation_info["segments"] = segments
    return segmentation_info

segmentation_info = read_segmentation_info(input_filename)

def segment_from_name(segmentation_info, segment_name):
    for segment in segmentation_info["segments"]:
        if segment_name == segment["name"]:
            return segment
    raise KeyError('segment not found by name ' + segment_name)

def segment_names(segmentation_info):
    names = []
    for segment in segmentation_info["segments"]:
    return names

def extract_segments(voxels, header, segmentation_info, segment_list):
    import numpy as np
    import re
    # Create empty array from last 3 dimensions (output will be flattened to a 3D array)
    output_voxels = np.zeros(voxels.shape)
    # Copy non-segmentation fields to the extracted header
    output_header = {}
    for key in header.keys():
        if not re.match("^Segment[0-9]+_.+", key):
            output_header[key] = header[key]
    # Copy extracted segments
    #dims = len(voxels.shape)
    for output_segment_index, segment_name_to_label_value in enumerate(segment_list):
        # Copy relabeled voxel data
        segment = segment_from_name(segmentation_info, segment_name_to_label_value[0])
        #print("segment_name_to_label_value[0]: ", segment_name_to_label_value[0])
        input_label_value = segment["labelValue"]
        print("input_label_value = ", input_label_value)
        output_label_value = segment_name_to_label_value[1]
        print("output_label_value = ", output_label_value)
        inputLayer = segment["layer"]
        print("inputLayer = ", inputLayer)
        output_voxels[inputLayer,voxels[inputLayer,:,:,:] == input_label_value] = output_label_value
        print("output_voxels size", output_voxels.shape) 
        # Copy all segment fields corresponding to this segment
        for key in header.keys():
            prefix = "Segment{0}_".format(segment["index"])
            matched = re.match("^"+prefix+"(.+)", key)
            if matched:
                field_name = matched.groups()[0]
                if field_name == "labelValue":
                    value = output_label_value
                elif field_name == "layer":
                    # output is a single layer (3D volume)
                    value = 0
                    value = header[key]
                print("output_segment_index = ", output_segment_index)
                output_header["Segment{0}_".format(output_segment_index) + field_name] = value
    # Remove unnecessary 4th dimension (volume is collapsed into 3D)
    # Remove "none" from "none (0,1,0) (0,0,-1) (-1.2999954223632812,0,0)"
    output_header["space directions"] = output_header["space directions"][-3:,:]
    # Remove "list" from "list domain domain domain"
    output_header["kinds"] = output_header["kinds"][-3:]
    output_voxels = np.uint8(output_voxels)
    return output_voxels, output_header

output_voxels, output_header = extract_segments(voxels, header, segmentation_info, segment_list)
print("final voxels size = ", voxels.shape)
print("final output_voxels size = ", output_voxels.shape)
nrrd.write(output_filename, output_voxels, output_header)

After editing it, when I want to add data (RTSTRUCTStudy1New.seg.nrrd) into 3DSlicer, loading … is paused and get the following message:


Please guide me.
Best regards,

The exception indicates that you created an invalid file. If you compared the header that you created with a valid file’s header then you will see how to change your script.

The script assumes you process segmentation created by a recent Slicer-4.11 release. It also flattens the segmentation into a single layer, as this script is for creating segmentation for third-party software, and most software only support 3D segmentation files (not 4D).

Dear Andras

Thanks a lot for your guidance. As mentioned you, I run in 3DSlicer version 4.11.0-2019-09-20. Unfortunately, I get same error.

Afterwards, I check the code snippet available in ScriptRepository, without any changes. As mentioned before, Layer and LabelValue keys do not exist in header dictionary.


As seen above, these tow keys do not exist in header dictionary.
I must mentioned that I convert RT Structure (DICOM file) from seg.vtm to seg.nrrd and then run the code in ScriptRepository.

Please guide me.
Thanks a lot.

As I mentioned, you need to use a recent Slicer Preview Release. By that I mean a few day or max few weeks old version.

Dear Andras

Thanks a lot for your guidance. I run commands in Slicer-4.11.0-2020-07-18 without any problems.
Best regards.

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