Problems following the Slicer extension tutorial

In the PerkLab’s Slicer bootcamp training Scripting and module development tutorial , I encountered the following issues:

After downloading the 3D model, I couldn’t load it with “c = getNode(‘Cautery’)”; instead, I had to use “slicer.util.loadModel(filePath)”.

The following slice confused me:

I thought I needed to connect a signal to follow the tutorial, but the connection was already present in the example before starting to edit it.

In the next slide:

I was confused because it says to replace the functions, but the function “updateGUIFromParameterNode” doesn’t exist in the example code. So, I had to think about where I needed to call that function in order to display the center of mass.

Regarding the next slide:

I added the code to the example, but the auto-update doesn’t seem to work. I used Slicer 5.6.1 to follow the tutorial.