Problems with Korean's translation on Weblate

HI everyone!!!

First of all, I am honored to have had the opportunity to experience this great program.

Basically the Korean translation was 100% completed on weblate, and there were two problems.

  1. Korean translation was made, but some items are not reflected. (Photos to be attached later)

Even if I downloaded the language pack from github and applied it manually, it was not reflected.

  1. Some HTML tags disappear after saving the translation on Weblate as below;
<html><head><meta name="qrichtext" content="1" /><style type="text/css">

is changed to

&lt;html&gt;<meta name="qrichtext" content="1"><style type="text/css">

Also, some style strings are changed, like

</span><span style=" font-size:8pt; font-weight:600;">


</span><span style="">

I think the problem arises when using a 2 byte charset.

It is hoped that the cause of the problem and improvement will be addressed through this post.

Best regards.

Thank you for reporting this and for your translation contributions :+1:

Internationalization of the full interface is complex, with many special cases that need to be handled carefully to avoid breaking core functionality. Fortunately we have a team in Senegal, Canada, and the US working to make improvements with funding from CZI:

Could you file your findings on the github issues for the effort?

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Thank you for your strong reply! :slight_smile:

I’ll try it! → Done