I am working on TA to study changes in a longitudinal study.
I am doing 2 step registration process - 1. affine from A to B and later Bspline using this affine as a linear transform.
However, I have following queries

  1. Is it necessary to select histogram matching for TA (I have already performed N4 bias correction)
  2. If I have to select this option, shall I choose this during affine transformation or non-rigid part of registration?
    Please note brain scans B/C etc are distorted post surgery.
  3. And does baseline scan (A) need any registration ? as it will be used as a template and also control?
    Thanks in advance.
    Kind Regards,

Hi -

Probably best to post to the pyradiomics list if you haven’t already.

My first guess at the answers are:

  1. still a good idea
  2. probably use the untransformed data to make the histogram (or mask it if the post-surgery images have artifacts that would skew the histogram)
  3. No, not if it’s the reference space.