Pyradiomics doesn't calculate features for all VOIs

Hi all,

I am having a little issue with pyradiomics in Slicer. Briefly, this is to extract features from CNN generated segmentations of two brain structures (bilaterally, so 4 segmentations / VOIs in total) on MRI.

When I load the MRI volume and the segmentation file, it looks good, only the light blue VOI isn’t fully recognized as a segmentation it seems:

But when I add it in the Segmentations module it looks fine:

However, when I run pyradiomics on it, features are only calculated for one of the four VOIs (the brown one):

Is there any explanation for this? I am also adding the python console output and the volume and segmentation files in the folder below (all deidentified of course):

Many thanks for your help!

P.S.: It works fine with a set of manual segmentations, so I assume it’s not directly a pyradiomics issue, but must have something to do with the segmentation.