Python Interactor process

I would like to know the process name/number to link to the Python interactor

Thank you

Hi Fadwa,

Since python is embedded into Slicer, getting the PID of the application should answer the question.

Here are the command you can enter in the interactor:


On unix, this is the same value that would be returned by the ps command:

 ps aux | grep Slicer
jcfr     18080  0.0  0.0 141592 12672 pts/4    Sl+  17:08   0:00 ./Slicer
jcfr     18082  2.2  0.6 4416196 405612 pts/4  SNl+ 17:08   0:03 /home/jcfr/Projects/Slicer-Qt5-VTK9-RelWithDebInfo/Slicer-build/bin/./SlicerApp-real