PyTorch3D in 3D Slicer

As part of SlicerSALT, the SlicerDentalModelSeg extension used PyTorch3D to run segment and number teeth from a vtkMRMLModelNode of an intraoral scan. There was some difficulty in getting PyTorch3D to install in Slicer, and it currently only works on Linux.

Given that there may be more projects in the future that could benefit from PyTorch3D, and it would be good if SlicerDentalModelSeg could run on Windows and Mac as well as Linux, I am wondering if an extension can be made that will take care of the install. I know that SlicerPyTorch exists to ease the use of PyTorch in 3D Slicer, which leads to few couple questions:

  1. Would it make sense to create a SlicerPyTorch3D extension that handled the install? If so, what is the relation to SlicerPyTorch?
  2. Would it instead make sense to have SlicerPyTorch (optionally) install PyTorch3D?
  3. Has anyone already installed PyTorch3D in Slicer such that it works for all platforms, or even some of them?

Agreed, PyTorch3D sounds like something we’d want to have available as widely as possible, although I have not tried it myself… I think the idea of adding it to SlicerPyTorch makes sense since PyTorch is a core dependency of PyTorch3D.