qMRMLSubjectHierarchyComboBox usage

Is adding a module to the Slicer source code itself the way to go for examples like this? I could imagine a variety of ways that are simpler than building a whole Slicer from scratch.

I don’t know why my code isn’t working, so keeping its build system might be important. Also rewriting it into a copy-paste script would have required a lot of effort. I know that building Slicer is slow, but it does not require much effort. A faster way to test this is to copy-paste added files (and the modified CMakeLists) into existing Slicer instance and rebuilding it.

I built your branch, and did the following:

  • Uncomment line 18
  • Start Slicer
  • Load MRHead (so that there is one node that has no attributes)
  • Load a CT and an RTDOSE from DICOM
  • Switch to your module

The combobox was not empty and I only saw the CT, which is the expected behaviour. Did I do something in a different order than the way you could reproduce it?

@dzenanz Let’s work together and offline to address the issue. We can then report back our findings.

@cpinter Thanks for looking into the problem.

In case you want to do some debugging, a breakpoint here should help revealing the problem:

@lassoan You were right about order of widget creation and data loading. Loading data first, and then accessing the widget works (but not the other way around). But I think I tested that - I guess not carefully enough.

@cpinter Do you have some suggestion for currentItemChanged not firing?

I am taking rest of the day off, so I could debug this tomorrow (unless you beat me to it). But it is probably due to some scene change event not being observed, and not in the logic here.

You probably use currentItemChanged wrong. It works in this example. Please look at the differences. As a last resort you can just copy-paste the related code

I tried that. Now I added that to MWE. The event is still not triggered.

I don’t know what to add. I provided a working example, which still works. Please try to find the difference that makes yours inoperational.

The only big difference is that in ProstateMRIUSContourPropagation UI is generated programatically, whereas in my MWE it is loaded from a .ui file using QUiLoader.

If that is the only difference then is it possible that the widget is not completely set up by the time you try to connect?

That does not seem to matter. Even if if the only thing left to do are connections, connecting currentItemChanged has no effect.

In an attempt to get a working MWE, I tried starting from the existing module. However the event does not fire in it either!

Thanks, @dzenanz! This is strange indeed, I’ll investigate at once, as it’s very easy for me to reproduce now.

Hi @dzenanz, sorry for the wait! The cause of the problem was very banal: the signal was not propagated to the combobox (aggregation vs inheritance…). I committed a fix in Slicer. Please let me know how it works.

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Thanks Csaba, that seems to have fixed it!

Excellent! Sorry for giving you a hard time, I was fully in the knowledge that the function in MRI-US worked.