Synchronize slice views widgets with widgets created in the Python console

Hi all,

I would like to use Python to synchronize a custom qMRMLNodeComboBox with, for example, the Foreground combo box of the Green slice view. Same thing with a slider for the opacity. So when I modify the node in my combo box, the green slice is modified and vice versa. I tried creating a qMRMLSliceControllerWidget as in the View Controllers module, but most methods seem not to be wrapped in Python. Do you have any ideas?

Let me know what methods you would like to use and I can make sure those are Python-wrapped.

If you only need a simple node selector, then just add an observer to the slice node to get notification about volume selection changes.

What I tried to do is mimic this method in View Controllers, but I guess it’s easier to add an observer to the slice node. How can I find out the right observer to add?

Probably the best is to check the source code of the view controller widgets: