[qSlicerScalarVolumeDisplayWidget] Adding user-defined histogram to this

I wish to add a user-defined histogram in ScalarVolumeDisplayWidget. Is it possible to do so? I have seen solutions that display histograms using slicer.util.plot(), but I have a very specific user-defined layout that I do not wish to disturb.

The reason why I need a custom histogram, is that I am unable to interpret the widgets default histogram. The images below might help illustrate my issue.

This is a histogram made using slicer.util.plot() for a particular volume

But the histogram in the ScalarVolumeDisplayWidget looks like this. I am unable to interpret this.

For e.g, another volumes histogram plot that does offer insight into its properties is this:-

The grey’ish parts in the widget histogram can be seen in the slicer.util.plot() histogram.