QT license type in Slicer and commerical use question?

Hi everybody.
As QT is GUI Framework for Slicer, and QT has two types license, LGPL and GPL.
LGPL includes: Core, Widgets, QML and so on.
GPL includes Qt Chats and so on.

As I develop a product, built as an extension, running on Slicer platform. I change some logo, or view controller font in C++, others codes are written by Python.

So I want to know, the product of extension can be used in commerical without open source? @lassoan

We don’t use any GPL-licensed components for building 3D Slicer. You are free to use it for commercial purposes, for free, without asking permission from anyone.

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Note also that if you choose to use GPL licensed portions of Qt or use Qt in a way that is inconsistent with the terms of the LGPL you may need a commercial license to Qt. For a commercial product this is generally not a problem so you should do it if required by the terms of the licenses.

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The following page is useful to find out which licenses are used by each Qt components and dependencies. See Licenses Used in Qt | Qt 5.15

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