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Before I begin digging, does anyone know why this class may not be available in python?


This rely on PythonQt to make the Qt classes available in Python and it looks like this class is not wrapped.

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We use qt.QUiLoader() instead. See how it is used in slicer.util.loadUI.

But it gets even better! Since Slicer-4.10.2 we have made it very easy to edit module GUI using Qt designer (launch designer from the module GUI, reload the GUI without restarting Slicer, template in ExtensionWizard, …). See Scripting and module development tutorial (from slide 33).

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I’m familiar with loadUI. The desired functionality from QFormBuilder is the save function to write a dynamically created widget to a .ui file.

What is the use case? I’m just curious.

Not sure, just got asked if the class was available.

If needed, you could either improve the PythonQt wrapping … or create a SlicerFormBuilder class to expose the feature to python.