Question About Loading Data in 3D Slicer


When loading data (not DICOM) into 3D Slicer (using Windows 10 Slicer version 4.11.0, but I have had this same issue with 4.10.2), is there a way to change the presets (what appears when you click “Show Options”). More specifically, I want to have 3D Slicer automatically make the column of boxes labelled “Single File” unchecked when it loads my images (by default, this is a checked box-column). What would also help is a means by which to select many of these boxes at a time (rather than one box at a time, which is how I currently work); is there a way to do this? I commonly work with hundreds of images at a time, so unchecking all of these one-by-one can be quite laborious.


If you need to repeat the same operation more than a couple of times, then it may worth writing a short python script to automate it. For example, you can write a module that loads your data set with exactly how you want them to be loaded. You can find lots of examples in the script repository. You can learn more about scripting and module creation in Slicer from these tutorials.