Questions about importing labelmap directly to produce 3D model

Hello Slicer Community! Very new user here,
I have some annotated volumetric data (in the form of one 2D array per slice) where each pixel is labelled with a material and a volume index. The format is currently stored on matlab/python.

I want to use the model maker module to import this labelmap directly and create a 3D surface mesh of my model which I will use for biomechanical finite element analysis.

I’m having a bit of trouble understanding which file formats I need to provide, I understand that to normally get a label map i need to import images (DICOMS,pngs etc) and then segment the data. But in my case I already have the annotated data and I’m unsure of how to import it directly into slicer.

If anyone can guide me in the process that would be fantastic
Thank you!

You can save the labelmap file into nrrd format and then load it as segmentation by selecting “Segmentation” in Description column in “Add data” window.

You can then create a volumetric mesh using SegmentMesher extension.