Quick color assignment

hello, I was wondering if there is an easy way to assign colors to segmentation.

As for now I have to always acces each segmentation and then pick each color separately for each segmentation.

is there some easy way to assign colors to all segments right away?

hmm I saw colors in subject hierarchy but those colors do not match the colors I chose in segment editor

You can create a custom terminology file with name, color, standard terms to describe what the segment contains (category, type, modifier, anatomic region, etc. - see DICOM standard for segmentation storage) and import and use that in the Segment editor’s terminology editor. See examples of terminology files in your Slicer installation in share\Slicer-4.13\qt-loadable-modules\Terminologies subfolder.

You may also find this topic relevant: Segment editor : specified terminology item in settings is partially taken into account

ohh Thanks Lassoan Andras, God bless you sir for your help

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