Realistic Models, or captures

Hi! I was wondering if there exists a module or extension where i can work my 3D models, applying textures, shadows, lights, to create a realistic scene or model.
Thank u!


If you already have your texture baked then you can apply it using Texture Model module (provided by SlicerIGT extension). You can customize lights using Lights module (provided by Sandbox extension).

Latest Slicer Preview Release is updated to use VTK9, which supports physically based rendering. We don’t have any of the PBR features exposed in a module with a convenient GUI yet, but you can set up lights and materials by a few lines of Python script.

If you have working code snippets then you can easily put them into a scripted module to have a nice GUI.

Let us know if you run into any trouble or if you could manage to get some nice renderings.

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