Realization of neuronavigation

I would love to try the navigation function of this camera, but how should I operate it and which app should I download?Where can I get a more detailed tutorial

You can find step-by-step instructions in this PerkLab bootcamp tutorial.

Thank you very much Professor Lasso,I strictly follow the steps of PPT, but every time I get here, I cannot get these three transforms.It show empty!

You need to place the markers in the field of view of your camera. The markers that Plus recognizes will show up in the IN nodes.

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Thank you very much for your answers, thank you for your patience, now I am all ready, but there is one more question, how to register the Sign and the Entity.For example, I put a skull model on the table, and the matching CT model is displayed in Slicer at the same time, but how can I make them registered like the video?

Registration of this patient-attached tracking marker to the patient image is typically performed using landmark registration. The process is described in SlicerIGT tutorials.

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Can you send me the PPT, I cannot open the URL:User tutorial | SlicerIGT

Dear Lasson, Can you send me the documents in SlicerIGT tutorials, I cannot open the URL:User tutorial | SlicerIGT in China. I also want to realize a neuronavigation using 3D Slicer.

Accessibility of SlicerIGT tutorials from China is discussed further here: