Reducing size of segmentation

Hello all,
I am wondering whether there is a way to reduce the size of my segmentation. I have a segmentation which size is about 3 GB and it needs a lot of time when I want to mesh it in segment-mesher module. I do not want to change the meshing parameters in segment-mesher because I want a mesh with specific options. It would really help me if I can reduce the size of my segmentation which may lead to a faster meshing process.

Could you say more about the data you’re working with, type, format etc.? Is just a segmentation file 3GB, is it a .seg.nrrd file?

Actually what I have is the segmentation file with .seg.nrrd format and I have the main images also with .nrrd format but I prefer to reduce the size of my current segmentation rather than creating a new segmentation again from the images if it is possible.

I think you can use the Specify Geometry option to reduce the detail of your segmentation.
Choose your segmentation, and hit the specify the oversampling (<1). You should be able to see the resolution of your segmentation being reduced accordingly.


Thank you very much for your answer.