Reflect markups (landmarks)

Dear list, I’m placing markups (landmarks) to carry out a geometric morphometric analysis in some mammals skulls. I have some cases where one of the zygomatic archs is missing (screen capture below). Is there a way to reflect one side markups based on a defined plane to estimate landmarks of the missing structure (in this case the right zygomatic arch).
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Currently there is no automated (or UI driven) way of doing it. You will have to define the symmetry plane (Markups->Plane tool) and then the position of the LM can be reflected using that particular plane.

I wrote a function that does this in Python here. It does a few extra things (merges points that are very close to the symmetry plane, creates a left, right and merged landmark set) so it would need to be altered a little bit. The plane needs to be defined or calculated before using this function, as @muratmaga noted.