Registration ANTs SyN

Operating system:win10 X64
Slicer version:4.10.0
Expected behavior:I want to use SyN registration,Interface prompt build ANTs,so I build the slicer,and I check the option of "USE_ANTS ",but when I finished it,retry the module(General registration(Brain)),the same error occured.I don’t know how to solve it now.
Looking forward to your reply.Thank you!

And I can run the slicer.exe successfully,but it still prompt build ANTs

You have locally build slicer with ants support. While it shows as an option, it is not enabled by default

But I have checked the option( USE_ANTS)in cmake to configure,and would you like to give me some suggestions about solving it? I want to use SyN of the General registration module.
And thanks for your reply!

I might be wrong but my understanding is that option is only going to work if you locally build Ants on your machine. I believe ANTs it’s not part of the Slicer superbuild.

Ok,I will try.Thanks for your help !

You may also try Elastix registration library (available via SlicerElastix extension).