Registration request for 3D objects

Dear all,

I would like to ask if there is any fully automatic registration tool for 3D objects registration.

Thanks in advance

There are several fully automatic registration methods - see a brief overview here. We can give you more specific help if you tell us more about what you want to do - what objects you need to register, how they are represented (images, surface meshes, …), how similar they are, if you already have some initial guess for the alignment, etc.

First of all, thanks for your prompt reply

I load (Data=obj file) the 3D Objects (description=Model) as showing in the screenshot. I need to proceed with auto (only) registration and save this registration model as obj file.

So what are the next steps ? Please be detailed because im new with this toll.

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Hi, if the two meshes possibly deviate maybe this extension might be helpful:

Nevertheless it contains code for icp and landmark registration.

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The models look very intricate with lots of details, so you can expect to get very accurate registration. However, you need to start the optimization from a good initial alignment (not more than a couple of millimeters off). You can try landmark registration followed by ICP. It seems that the extension @sandress recommended could do the job. If not, you can use SlicerIGT extension’s Fiducial Registration Wizard module for initial alignment and then the Model Registration module for automatic accurate alignment.

Dear Team,

I used the General Registration (ANTs) module because unfortunately all the others registration modules crush till now.

I loaded my new 3D objects as segmentation(descriptions) and then transformed them to volumes through the Segmentation module. Then I used General Registration (ANTs) module as showing in the first picture and after the segmentation i got the result showing in the last picture.

I need a final step to complete the automatic registration, and this this the rotation of Obj1. Can I achieve that through the General Registration (ANTs) module settings? and which setting is that ?

Thanks again for you valuable guidance.

Initial error for intensity based automatic registration must be typically within 5-10mm translation and 5 degrees rotation.

If the objects have approximately the same physical extents and initial rotation error is small then then translation can be easily initialized automatically (e.g., by aligning center of gravity). So, having good initial orientation alignment is the most important. In your case it seems that it is grossly misaligned (looks like a 180deg error), so it is expected that the registration fails. You may try if ANTs has some built-in methods for aligning orientation (e.g., based on principal axis directions), but the easiest is to initialize using landmark registration as described above.

Note that binary images usually cannot be aligned using intensity-based image registration. Instead, you need to compute a distance map from the image (e.g., using and of the DistanceMap filters in Simple Filters module) and register those.

Are you sure it was a crash and not just hang (computation took long time)? We take application crashes very seriously and investigate every occurrence. Please provide step-by-step instruction and data sets that we can use to reproduce the problem.

to be honest i am not sure but more likely is hanging due to long time computation. I will try it with more sets and let you know.

Thanks a lot

I am interested in using the Elastix or landmark registration and was wondering if there is a file or link that explains how to work with them? I uploaded two objects separately but they are stuck together and I can’t assign them to the moving and fix volume to proceed further.
Thanks you for your help.