Relative transform between linked 3D views

i wish for the following to be possible
in dual 3d screen synchronization work through moving in the same direction but not be a duplicate.

right now, if I click on sync, the other 3d view will replicate the original view which is not helpful in my opinion. rather, both views stay in the same position but if I move one to the right, the other moves to the right relative to the origin.

a practical example, I would like to see how the skull looks like in frontal view when I airplane it to the left or right.

this would be extremely helpful for my workflow


Do you load one model or two? Would you like the 3D viewers to show the skull in the same orientation? Maybe you could provide a few screenshots/sketches to explain.

If you want to have a better look of a single model then I would recommend to get a virtual reality headset. The immersive stereoscopic views and ability to hold the model in your hand and rotate it around is far better than multiple views on a regular 2D display.

i only load one dicom. I want two views to have different orientations like one basal view and another frontal view. and I want to tweak the orientation of one and sync to the other.
if sync just copies the other view , this would serve no purpose.

I thought about VR but I use Mac so it is out of the question. but the feature I requested is much simpler and allows assessment and visualization much better.

in this picture, i want to rotate in coronal direction ( roll or airplane ) and want ot see how it looks in basal basal simultaneously

One way to do it is to load the image twice, drag-and-drop each into a separate view, and rotate one by 90 degrees using Transforms module.

If many people would vote on this feature request, i.e., want to make it easier to set up relative transform between linked cameras, then its development will be prioritized.

I believe it’s a great yet very simple feature .
I’d use for all my workflow

This is already available for volumes as QuickAlign module of SlicerMorph (just got merged after the last PW).

The project week project is for aligning multiple volumes. This request is for viewing one volume from different orientations (linking views with relative transform between them).

I know, as a simple solution they can clone the volume (until there is abetter solution).

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