Reload Qt Loadable Module

Hi everyone !!!

I’m adding some functionalities to the MultiVolumeExplorer Module. I wonder if there is any easy way to reload this module from Slicer. Always when I edit the code of the module I have to restart slicer to reload this module.

Thank you very much.

Kind regards.

No, you can’t reload the C++ based modules unfortunately.

Often it’s a good idea to put infrastructure in the C++ code, like filters or other algorithms, test it in isolation (small test programs) and then develop your module in Pythong.


Thank you very much.

Important: Sequences will be merged into Slicer core in a couple of days (see progress here) and MultiVolume explorer will be replaced by Sequences infrastructure (which support 4D sequences of any nodes - transforms, markups, models, etc. - and not just volumes). MultiVolume modules will be probably kept around for a year or so, but no further developments will be done and at some point the modules will be moved out to an unsupported extension.

Therefore, I would not recommend to make any changes or improvements to MultiVolumeExplorer now. What improvements would you like to implement?

I just changed some little things.

For example: Instead of show the current frame number in the frame slider, it shows the current frame label. I also added a new button to fit the data plotted in the chart when I make a ROI.

In Sequences you can already switch between showing index number or value (advanced section of browser).

Computing plot from a ROI is not available yet - it would be great if you could contribute it (just wait a few days until Sequences are merged into Slicer core). I would add a separate module for this (probably the current quick plotting feature will be moved out from Sequences/SequenceBrowser module to a separate module, too).