Remote install extensions?

Hi all,

we maintain several classrooms with Slicer installs. It is okay, I can do it remotely from a command line, in “silent mode”, I’ve been doing it for years :slight_smile:

But… is there a way to install extensions remotely? By “remotely” I mean either silent installers or any scripted method that’s output can be supressed.

It would be great if I could both install (/upgrade in this case) Slicer itself and also add extensions somehow from a command line.
At the moment there are no extensions installed on the machines just bare Slicer (and some example datasets)
We use wpkg (

Many thanks,

Hi Attila -

Probably the easiest is to follow the steps here:

You can make a slicer folder yourself that has all the extensions you want, and then just copy that to all the computers.


Hi Steve,

thanks for the pointer!
So if I understand correctly, this will act as a “portable” install.

But now we have a system-wide (“normal”) install. So would it work if I would upgrade the current Slicer version with the installer, and then overwrite the installed one with the same but with the extensions?

This may seem a bit complicated but this way I don’t have to remove that system-wide install and then re-add as a portable one.
Because there are several users and also the directory structure is strictly regulated.
So if I would have to add as a portable I would need to download it at least 4 times per machine: 3 users + a teacher account.

Okay, I will look into this once I get to the classroom computers :slight_smile:

Yep, that should work - just overwrite the system installed Slicer with the new one that includes the desired extensions in the appropriate directory and you should be all set. Good luck and have a great weekend!