Removing skull using Extract Skeleton module takes a lot of time

hi. i am using 3dslicer software for removing the skull of head by using module Filtering> Extract Skeleton, but iham the problem tha the program takes alot of time to running and i saw that it takes alot of time (may be about 10 hours), then i canceled t

Extract Skeleton module is for extracting centerline from thin tubular-shaped structures.

You can remove the skull from MRI images using skull stripping modules, such as the Swiss Skull Stripper.

thanks. but i dont find the documentation of this module and doesn’t response never.

The correct sites are and

Any reason the organization doesn’t own both and Looks like was created in 1999 and was created just recently on 2021-11-09. Info obtained from ICANN Lookup.

Good luck with It’s parked by Transure Enterprise Ltd. They’ve got complaints against them ranging from Bank of America to BHP Billiton.