Research Software Engineer position at the University of Leeds

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Do you have experience in developing software solutions for medical imaging research and applications? Do you want to help in translating cutting-edge science into solutions for patient benefit? Are you interested in working with partners in academia and private sector to develop commercial applications of scientific research?

As a Research Software Engineer you will play a central role in a UK-wide infrastructure project that will develop solutions for advanced medical imaging in clinical studies on renal disease and pave the way for a future deployment of these tools for drug development and daily clinical routine.

You will develop software tools for the visualisation and processing of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans of the kidney, with the aim of extracting data that will improve clinical decision making. The tools you develop will subsequently become part of a service to provide centralised analysis solutions for clinical studies into new treatments or patient management strategies. On the longer term we expect these to be offered as commercial solutions so they can benefit health care on a larger scale.

You will be based in the Imaging Biomarkers Group of the University of Leeds (, and work closely with researchers in the group, as well as with our collaborators in UCL, Nottingham and Cambridge Universities. This national infrastructure project is funded by the Medical Research Council and coordinated by Kidney Research UK, and you will interact closely with representatives from the charity and clinical collaborators. You will also build links with the private sector to explore future commercial opportunities.