RFC : is there interest in this custom module - Guided vein segmentation

Hi all,

I am contemplating merging this module, Guided vein segmentation, in SlicerVMTK, so that it become easily available.

Beforehand, I wish to know if other users find it worthwhile as an addition to SlicerVMTK.

Its purpose is to segment major veins from CT angioscans, considering that the veins are not contrast enhanced. I find it quite efficient and useful for surgical planning in some complex aortic cases namely. Please read the notes on its homepage.

It does not use the VMTK libraries themselves, rather the Segment Editor effects only.

It’s now in my repository, moving it to SlicerVMTK is easy. I’ll do so if some users find interest in it, unless Slicer devs or VMTK devs object this proposal.

Thank you for any input.

That sounds useful to me. SlicerVMTK started as a way to expose VMTK code in Slicer, but I think it’s much better to have a comprehensive set of vessel-related tools in a single extension, like SlicerRT is for RT.

With one supportive view from a Slicer developer, I’ll proceed with the integration of this module in SlicerVMTK ASAP.

Thank you @pieper.

Hi @pieper ,

Just a quick follow-up, it’s merged in #89.


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