Right click option to duplicate segment

Dear 3D Slicer developers,
the question of how to duplicate segments has been asked here several times already. I saw that there is even a script (https://slicer.readthedocs.io/en/latest/developer_guide/script_repository.html#clone-a-segment) that I just tested and it works perfectly as it should to do the job.
Is it possible to put this functionality as a right-click option into the segment editor module, so that it is easily accessible to novice users? I am aware that the same can be achieved through the subject hierarchy view in the data module (which now actually works as expected) and by using a workaround with the logical operations but, from my feeling, having this as a right-click option would be where new users would look for it, plus, one does not have to leave the segment editor module for this task.
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Thanks for bringing that up. Upvoted