ROI fit to volume not working with big coordinates

If I set the S origin coordinate of my volume to -5 000 000, when I click fit to volume, the ROI does not fit. It stays at -1 000 000
I’ve tried to change the settings of length at the unit options window, but I cannot de/increase the min/max below/above -10 000 and 10 000

Funny thing is that if I save a volume as nrrd and load it with the origin coordinates set, when I show it at the volume viewer, a ROI is created with the correct coordinates surrounding my volume. As soon as I click fit to volume, the ROI is screwed.

Thanks for reporting this, I’ve fixed the problem in revision 28736. It’ll be available in the next nightly build.

Thanks Andras. I will test and report back.

It is working as expected. Great job, thank you Andras.

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