Ruler and angle measurement in 2D view

Hi all,
if I measure a length or an angle with Slicer I can read the value only in the 3D view.
Is there any possibility to show it also in the 2D view?

Thanks a lot,

In recent Slicer preview releases, you see values in both in slice and 3D views. You can also see them in Markups module (description column).

Thanks @lassoan.
Markups module does this, but if I use the ruler on the top bar it has not the same behavior (it doesn’t show the value).
I mean, for me it’s fine, it’s just to highlight this difference.


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We’ll remove Annotations module soon. It has many issues and limitations.


hi andras
I measure a length or an angle with Slicer but I can not read the value in the description column!! what can I do to solve this problem