Sample data wiki download URL changed

Slicer fails to download sample data from the wiki that causes many errors (for example

URLs that used to work before yesterday:

It seems that the data sets are still available on the wiki, but with a slightly different URL:

@mhalle @jcfr
Could the old URLs be made to work again?
In the long term, should we move sample data to Midas or use a different URL?

adding @freephile

Let’s please try to make the old url work if at all possible.

Yes, making the old URL work again is very important, as there are tens of thousands of Slicer instances already installed that keep looking for the data at that location.

In new Slicer versions, should we download the data from Midas? A couple of sample data sets are already downloaded from there.

Many extension logos are also stored on the wiki, so lots of images are missing from the extension manager, too:

I’ll have this fixed shortly. I moved rewrite rules into the Apache configuration to make the server faster, but obviously one of them is wrong. I’ll be able to debug it and fix it up shortly.

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OK, this should be fixed now. A passthrough flag was the culprit.

In case of any additional problems, please provide the specific URL.



Confirmed - thanks!

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Thanks Greg :thumbsup: