Saving a 3D image

Hi everyone, we have currently a project in which we have to create a 3D-image of a bone. The fact is that I would like to export the created 3D-picture in order to turn it without being in the application. However, when I go to “file” → “save data” I only have a .png (and thus I can’t turn the image on my laptop as I wish). Is it possible to extract a 3d-rotating-image?
Thank you very much for your help^^

You have couple options:

  1. You can use the Screen Capture module to make a simple mp4 animation of rotating 3D bone that you can include in papers and presentations.
  2. You can export your bone as a 3D model (e.g., as a OBJ file), upload somewhere on the web (e.g., dropbox), and then use 3d Viewer net to share with anyone. Online 3D Viewer
    As long as you have internet access and a web browser, you can rotate/zoom/pan your model.

The first option worked. Thank you so much and have a nice week-end^^