Saving a playable registration sequence (.mrb)

Operating system: Windows 10
Slicer version: 4.11
Expected behavior: A 3DSlicer playable file -object- 5-10 second sequence
Actual behavior: The registration workflow, takes a nrrd file -15 frames for instance- and renders the three channels (id=“vtkMRMLSliceNode1”, id=“vtkMRMLSliceNode2”, id=“vtkMRMLSliceNode3”) in window “vtkMRMLViewNode1”. I need help saving this window sequence (same # of frames) in a file than can later be reproduced. What happens now is that the end user needs to manually reproduce the registratio over and over again everytime he/she wants to the results.

My most needed help is how to get the "“vtkMRMLViewNode1” rendering and what kind of file would that be? MRB perhaps?.