Saving image file in .mha format

Hi I have an easy question about .mha file format.

I have an original image file in .png format

I loaded that file to 3D slicer and saved it in .mha format.

and than image size got largen.

The original .png file was (864, 91)

and transformed .mha file was (1, 2848, 300, 4)

how did it became 4 dimensional?

and how did it got bigger??

Dimensions of the png and mha are completely unrelated, so I don’t see how this mha could be a result of saving the input png. Which Slicer version are you using? Can you share the input .png file?

Thank you for replying

My 3D slicer version is 4.10.2

Here is my input png file output mha file

and could you tell me why dimension of does two are not related?

2020년 5월 26일 (화) 오후 1:01, Andras Lasso via 3D Slicer Community <>님이 작성:

(Attachment sinogram1.mha is missing)

The png you attached has a size of 300x2848 (not 864x91), it is loaded and saved to mha correctly (tested with recent Slicer-4.11 version).

By the way, loading a sinogram into Slicer will not be useful. You first need to reconstruct it into a 3D volume using RTK or similar software.

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