Save ultrasound images in mha format

I loaded my ultrasound frames with the “load data” button and tried to save them with the “save data” button but it doesn’t give the option to save as .mha file.

I checked the format of mha file or mhd file. It looks that I need to write addtional info such as the position of each frame to the text header. How did you save it in the .mha format?

I think sequence metafile format (.mha file that contains image and and transforms) is for import only. @Sunderlandkyl can you confirm?

Yes, sequence metafiles are currently only readable.

We could potentially add a function in SlicerIGSIO that could export sequence browser nodes in that format.

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Why would you like to export to mha format?

You can reconstruct 3D volumes inside Slicer, without exporting the tracked image data.