Saving landmark registration volume transformed

Operating system:64 bit
Slicer version: 4.11.20210226
Expected behavior: Open the transformed volume after landmark registration and see changes
Actual behavior:

I am applying some landmark registration to my volume. And at the third raw I am able to see how the volume changes when I apply them. So then I click on save and I save this last volum transformed as a .nrrd file but when I open on Fiji, I can´t see any changes comparing with the original volume.

Do I have to make another process to obtain the volume?
Maybe I have seen, some people than apply a Resample Image (BRAINS), but it´s also taking too much time.

Yes, Fiji ignores the orientation matrix written to the file after hardening.
İf you want to use Fiji, you will have to resample. Or you can tell us what you want to do and we might be able to suggest alternatives in Slicer.

Perfect, now I understand. With the resampling it seems good on Fiji.

But I have another question, because to compare the volumes I click on Center Volumes, so it´s easier to compare them. But is it applied only on 3D Slicer? Or when I open the volume that I obtain after registering and resampling on Fiji, this centering is also applied?

Thanks in advance

Yes, I believe all metadata about image orientation is ignored in Fiji.