Scapula position

Hi, I’m trying to find the position of the scapula in CT scans, like the one described here:

Three-dimensional clavicle displacement analysis and its effect on scapular position in acute clavicle midshaft fracture - ScienceDirect!

However I could not get any tangible measurements. I tried to use the same methodology as the the article above but I failed to create a plane using three points and I’m rather stuck now.

Please go to the markups module, click on create a plane but don’t click on a view yet, stay on the side panel. Then, there is option to create the plane from 3 points and other configurations. Now you can go to the 3D or sliceView and create your plane from 3 points

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Didn’t know it was such a simple solution. Thank you so much.
You are the best.