Scientist II - Computational Neuroanatomy @ Allen Institute for Brain Science

Scientist II - Computational Neuroanatomy

TLDR: create 3D models for next-generation brain atlases

We seek to hire an exceptional scientist to create accurate 3D anatomical models of mouse brain structures based on multi-modal imaging data and expert annotation from internal and external neuroanatomists. These models are an essential component of next generation brain atlases enabling the analysis and visualization of mapped data along biologically relevant coordinate systems, circuits, developmental and disease trajectories. This framework will allow unprecedented data exploration where traditional anatomical atlases, image data and features are merged and dynamically transformed to gain insight into brain cells and their spatial organization. This position will work with interdisciplinary teams consisting of computational and experimental scientists towards understanding brain cell types and their role in circuits and behavior.

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I am a medical doctor from the University of Toronto with a team of researchers working on 3D slicer projects for medical companies. Is your institution still hiring someone for the task?