SEEG 3D slicer extension or open-source software


Any SEEG 3D Slicer extension or open-source software? I need an extension or software to place the SEEG electrodes in an MRI image and brain mesh model.


Gonzalo Rojas Costa


Lead-DBS supports seeg up to some extent, you can see supported electrode models here

MMVT is another option for seeg/ecog Related recent publication: Modular pipeline for reconstruction and localization of implanted intracranial ECoG and sEEG electrodes

Not sure if @Greydon_Gilmore 's Trajectory Guide supports this GitHub - greydongilmore/trajectoryGuideModules

Slicer would definitely be a great platform to further implement these features.

Hi all,

Yes, trajectoryGudie does support SEEG. In fact, it supports any neurosurgical trajectory you want to plan/localize/VTA model (i.e. DBS, SEEG, tumor biopsy etc.).

Here is a sample of SEEG planning output in trajectoryGuide:

Please note, I can provide limited support at this time for trouble-shooting. I will try my best. You can find documentation for my software tool here:


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