"Segment Editor" Panel Completely Blank

I’ve been working on editing a VOL file and when I select “Segment Editor” to start removing parts of the model, the panel that should contain all the segment editor tools is completely blank.
I’ve attempted to uninstall and re-install the software and done everything within my limited scope to try and view this set of options, but keep running in to the same issue.

Has anyone faced this issue or know how I might resolve it?

Can you attach a screenshot?

You may need to reset your application settings by deleting (or temporarily renaming) the .ini files.

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Thank you for your quick response!
I followed that link and, while searching for the files it was telling me to search for (never found them) I started looking through the error log.

Found that
“the module “SegmentEditor” has no widget representation”
there is no UI for the module "SegmentEditor"

After searching for the issue with that new info, I found another blog post (that you’d responded to) and found the solution!

I had it saved to a folder for a “User” that had an apostrophe in the name (“Roscoe’s PC”) and this punctuation was what evidently caused the issue.
Uninstalled and Changed the destination folder when re-installing, and the problem went away!

Thanks again!

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