Segment editor Smoothing and marging effects changed behavior from 4.11 to 4.13

Hi all

Running smoothing effect using a certain intensity range, it would get rid of every labeled voxel that was outside of the editable intensity range.
Margin effect would remove every labeled voxel outside of the editable intensity range and would also perform the shrinking or growing within the range
So both would perform their operations but would also clean wrongly labeled voxels, which is very interesting while doing manual segmentation.

Both margin and smoothing effects ignore labelled voxels that are out of the Editable intensity range.
Images bellow show the different behavior of the different versions for the same task (median smoothing within the same intensity range and same kernel (3px))

Is this an expected behavior? If so, does anyone can give me a hint to easily erase all the voxels that are out of a certain intensity range?