Segment Editor source code

Hello friends,
I have a question
How can I use " Segment Editor " ( 3d slicer module), in VS2015 C++ ??
I need the source code of this module
Can anyone help me ??

Segment Editor is a Slicer scripted module written in python (see code here). Some editor effects are written in C++ (see code here) and some are written in python (see code here).

What is the end goal that you are trying to accomplish? There are people on the forum that will be able to better support you with some extra information.


And for usage, please check out these tutorials:

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thank u for your answers.
i need to edit segmentation in all 3d view ( axial , sagittal , coronal )
exactly like this
i need source code for this in C++ and VS215 and ITK and VTK
(I apologize , my English language is not well ) :slightly_smiling_face:

See links to the source code above.

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I need source code of "paint " in segment editor
at c++ and vs2015
steps of my program
1 - load dicom image ( ITK or VTK )
2 - manual segmentation 3d view " axial sagittal coronal "
exactly like 3d slicer…

If you need a software that works exactly like 3D Slicer then it seems reasonable to use 3D Slicer. We put a lot of work into making Slicer appearance and behavior completely customizable for any particular workflow, so you don’t need to start a new project from scratch.

We allow usage of Slicer source code for any purpose in any project, so if you want to create a new software application the you are free to do so. However, we don’t have the capacity to actively help you in those efforts.


Indeed, doesn’t seem like a crazy idea at all :slight_smile:

@dp1991 If you want to create an application that uses 3D Slicer features but is less complex and more fitted to your workflow, then you can develop a slicelet. Here’s the documentation:
And here’s an example that works well, and is freely available:

Or if you want to use Slicer in an application that “doesn’t look like Slicer”, then you can create a SlicerCustomApp:


I will writing new software that manual segmentation is one part of this software
i need to edit or draw segmentation in 3 view (axial coronal sagittal) and display result in 3d space
i saw " edit segmentation " is useful for this purpose
i write my program in VisualStudion2015 and C++ language programming
so I need source code of " edit segmentation " in c++ and visual studio
( I again apologize for my English language and very thank u for your guidance and helps )

Hi @dp1991 - thanks for providing more details. I think you’ll find a lot of helpful resources at the slicer, vtk, itk, and related web sites that could help with a project to write a program in C++ for viewing and segmenting 3D data. As Andras and Csaba have pointed out, 3D Slicer already provides a fully open source implementation of a wide range of features and is fully customizable. We hope you find it useful either as-is or as inspiration for whatever you choose to write.

Since it sounds like you are new to this field, I would also suggest you base your work on 3D Slicer as an existing platform rather than reinventing something very similar from the ground up.


thanks for all answers …:rose::rose: