Segment Editor widget is too tall

Hello! I’m new here but I also have a question about the viewing of the slices. My company has developed a plug-in. When running 3D-SLicer 4.8, the resulview looks like this. Everything is fine

But because slicer’s upgrade deleted the editor module and changed it into the segmentation module,The height of the SegmentEditor section is much larger than that of the previous editor, which makes the resultview section much smaller

This makes it difficult for the company’s annotator to use the resultview section.I wanted to change this by adjusting the code, but found that the size of the resultview widget is due to slicer’s window being scaled.And there is no api in qt.QTableView() that cannot resize a resultview

We need some ways to change the height of review. Thank you!!

You may want to consider putting the segment editor effect list to the left of the “result view” to be similar to how the segment editor effect List is positioned to the left of the segment table view.

Or you can set the effectColumnCount to be say 6 or whatever amount you would like instead of the default 2. See the examples provided in the commit message body at the link below:

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You can also put the Segment Editor widget and the table in collapsible widgets. You can even put the widgets in a button group and make them exclusive, which means that when you open one it automatically collapses the other.

But probably it is much better to switch to a view layout that has a table view and display your table there.

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Thanks! But that table is very important to me, so I’d rather not fold it

If you always want to see the table then I would recommend to switch to a view layout that has a table view and display your table there.

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If you have this problem, try using a few lines of my code.

It to everyone. :grinning: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you for your very effective advice!!!

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