Segment Mesher - meshing parameters for older version


I am trying to use Segment Mesher, and I am unable to adjust additional parameters other than “–scale 0.5 --multiplier 2 --grading 5”. e.g. I want to change try changing --feature_scaling, --sampling_rate, --element_sizing_method, etc. but I get an error if I try to add any one of these to “Cleaver meshing options”.

I am using Slicer 4.8.1 due to legacy code that only runs with this version of slicer, so I would really like to avoid having to upgrade to a newer slicer (which seems to have a different interface for setting these parameters).

For reference, the version I am using looks like this:

In summary: What are the three parameters “scale, multiplier, and grading”? (these parameter names don’t match with ones in Cleaver2 Usage Instructions). How can I adjust the cleaver parameters with their official names?

Thank you