Segment staststics

Problem report for Slicer 4.9.0-2018-10-16 macosx-amd64: [please describe expected: show the statstics value for segment

and actual behavior: apply icon did not work?
this is the same problem I’ve faced in 3Dslicer4.8

Seems to work for me. This is what I did:

  1. Load CT
  2. Do segmentation in Segment Editor
  3. Go to Segment Statistics
  4. Select new segmentation as Segmentation and the CT as Scalar volume
  5. Create new Output table
  6. Click Apply

What did you do differently?

After doing 2or 3 studies the statstics seems to hangout and I have to save my work close the sence then reload it.

We’ll need a way to reproduce it in order to fix it, so if you could present a sequence of steps that brings out this issue that would be great help.

It would be also useful to see the log of a session where you have this problem. Get the log in About / Report a problem.

If you close the scene then you need to right-click on “Parameter set” selector and create a new parameter set by clicking “Create new ScriptedModule”.