Segment statistics


I have a question regarding the module Segment Statistics. After applying Segement Statistics in 3DSlicer 4.9, 3DSlicer displays two different volumes, volume (1) and (2).

Please find the attached table here:


What is the difference between these volumes?


See some information from the following thread:

It does not matter which method you use (the difference is less than 1%), just choose one and use always that. If you primarily work with labelmaps (and use 3D surface for visualization only) then you may prefer labelmap based method; if you mainly work with surfaces then you may choose the volume computed from the generated surface.

Hi James Butler,
The difference between the two volumes is 30% and more than 1%. So which one is the actual volume of the infarction?

There is also a difference in what volume the statistics is computed on. For example, closed surface statistics plugin reports the entire segment volume; Scalar volume statistics reports only the part that overlaps with the selected “Scalar volume”.