Segmentation: Volume (1) and Volume (2)

Hi everybody! Why after segmentation of a tumor I obtain two measures Volume (1) and Volume (2)? Their value is quite similar. What’s the difference between these measures?

For some reason we don’t have a documentation page on the wiki for Segment Statistics (or at least the link from the help is broken). But the help does list that some properties are calculated on the labelmap and some are calculated with the surface model, so you can choose which you think better matches the reality of the structure being measured.

Thank you very much for your answer. I basically do the calculation with the command “label statistics” rather than “segment statistics”. I Think theoretically that calculating on the labelmap should be more similar to what I have segmented but basically I
do not know with precision the difference between calculation on labelmap and on surface model.

Thank you!

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Segment statistics module computes statistics from all available representations. If you have binary labelmap representation in the segmentation node then you’ll get labelmap-based values, too.