Segmentation Comparsion


I need some help with the Segmentation Comparsion Module of SlicerRT. I have some dicoms with segmentations (10 per Dicom), that I want to compare to each other. The results I get from the Dice and Hausdorff tables are perfect for me, but due to the mass of data I need to automate it.

Is there a simple way in Python to do this? Similar to: Hausdorff distance calculation in SegmentComparison module maybe?

I just need to get the values of the dice score and hausdorff distance, so I can save them to a variable. The rest of the script should be no problem.

Maybe @cpinter can help?

Thanks a lot!

Sorry, i meant this thread: Distance between two segments

plastimatch dice can be one way to batch it:

The plastimatch dice compares binary label images using Dice coefficient, Hausdorff distance, or contour mean distance. The input images are treated as boolean, where non-zero values mean that voxel is inside of the structure and zero values mean that the voxel is outside of the structure.