Segmentation effect doesn't excute

just noticed and

want to report this annoying issue.

it occasionally happens during segmentation that the effect doesn’t execute if you press enter or stop for whatever amount of time. the only way is to cancel and try again.

this occurs more frequently when editing in 3D but not exclusively

Can you describe in more detail which “enter” button you are referring to and how you are canceling to try again?

the default Enter keyboard button. I cancel with the Esc default button on keyboard.

It is not clear how you are using the Enter button, did you assign a shortcut? Most Segmentation tasks that I know of require you click on button on the UI.

i meant after selecting an effect, I edit. usually once I let go of the mouse / trackpad it executes. otherwise, I press enter or esc to cancel.

in those instances, it doesn’t execute when I let go for even long time nor when I press enter